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TUMERIC is a spice that comes from Tumeric plant.Tumeric contains antioxidant components that help improve your skin tone, fade dark spots, skin pigmentation.It can heal wounds, help your psoriasis, acne scarring.

After applying Tumeric do not go out in the sun. The sun will react with the tumeric soap and make your skin darker in complexion.


natural handmade soap 100g. The soap is proven to effectively and gently lightens and brightens the skin.Naturally gently exfoliate your skin. It’s a natural way to treating skin problems and getting  a glowing skin. Restores and nourishes sun-exposed mature skin. Our soap is made for all type of skin. This soap can be used as a face soap,body soap or shaving soap for men, women.


Acne naturel treatment

Acts as a natural  anti bacterial agent

A natural moisturizer

Excellent for uneven skin pigmentation

Invigorates the skin to create a healthy glow







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