Satin Bonnet


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If you spend a lot of money on hair products trying to grow your hair out but having a difficult time, one of the problems maybe that your hair is breaking while you sleep. You can minimize breakage which will help grow longer hair by sleeping with a satin bonnet.

Mershe Satin Bonnet minimize the friction between your hair and pillow.You can have a perfect night’s rest knowing your hair is protect from damaging surfaces.

One of the best ways to prevent dry hair is to retain moisture when you sleep.Mershe Satin Bonnet helps keep your hair hydrated. Sleeping on cotton is know to dry out your hair from root to tips.

Sleeping with Mershe Satin means no more split ends and damaging hair. It will helps keep your hair from frizz, poofy, split ends and breakage.

. It’s very soft and fit over rollers. Designed to stay on during the night.

. Intended for all type of hair even dreadlocks.

. It’s washable.


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